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Expat Consultancy

GET Global Education is the right choice for finding the best school fit for your child abroad!

Becoming an expat is an adrenaline-inducing prospect, but that does not mean it is easy. With all the excitement experienced while building a new life abroad, there are, of course, also a few hurdles. Moving abroad and becoming an expat is an opportunity that not all are lucky enough to experience.

Choosing whether to send your child to a local school or an international school while living abroad can be a tough decision. Starting a new school is one of the biggest changes a child can experience. 


Let us help you find the best possible school for your child!


During an information call, our educational multi-lingual and multi-cultural team of consultants will provide you all the necessary information about different schools and help you make the best choice for your child based upon your preferences.


Our agency GET Global Education is a-30- years established educational consultancy located in Munich with more than 350 renowned international days and boarding schools in Germany, the UK, the USA, Switzerland, Canada and France. Our students come mainly from Germany, as well from all European countries and Expats moving to Germany and from Germany to other European countries.
To understand the need of our students, we meet all our students virtually or in person and have several interviews and consultancy sessions. This is existential to understand which pathway and which of our partner schools is the right one for our student. We have a lot of experience of combining the large range of subjects, the high academic quality of the offered classes, the flexibility, and the location of the school.


We find the right school (system) for your child! 








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